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Lake Tuusulanjärvi

The heart of the Tuusula municipality and the town of Järvenpää is Lake Tuusulanjärvi, one of the most extensively studied lakes in Finland. It is known by the Tuusulanjärvi artists’s community of early 1900s.  It is also known by the the  huge cyanobacterial blooms dominated the lake since 1960s. The intensive restoration measures were started in 1998 and have continued thereafter. The restoration measures include biomanipulation as well as reduction of nutrient loading from catchment area.

The aims of the restoration are to improve water quality and to increase possibilities for recreational acitivities and to keep the stocks of predatory fish strong.


Lake Tuusulanjärvi

  • surface area 6 km2
  • volume 19 mill. m3
  • theoretical retention time 250 d
  • maximum depth 10 m
  • average depth 3,2 m

Run-off and drainage area

  • surface area 92 km2
  • clayish soil 65 %
  • cultivated area 30 %
  • habituated area 20 %